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Bristol’s winning weekend

Bristol Ladies Rugby remain undefeated in what continues to be a very strong start to the RFU Women’s Premiership League season. Sunday’s match at Portway started on shaky ground with Worcester Ladies, last year’s champions, quickly taking the lead with two tries, one being converted, giving them a confident 12 points.

Bristol Ladies, with the home crowd shouting in their favour, were not deterred and quickly retaliated with a try by Snowsill, converted by Reed.  These initial 7 points were soon bolstered by a penalty kick by Reed that saw the ball basking in the sunshine as it soared straight between the posts in perfect position, closing the gap to 10-12 for Worcester.

And it wasn’t long before Bristol pulled ahead with a try by Acheson, converted by Reed, taking the team to 17 points.  Reed was able to land another try following an excellent demonstration of teamwork by Bristol, outwitting Worcester with a succession of great passes. This took Bristol to a full 10 point lead with the home team on 22 and Worcester still on 12.


Last year’s champions would not go down this easily, however, and the game tensed up when Worcester came through with a try and conversion, moving the scores closer at 22-19. But it wouldn’t be good enough to turn the game around. Instead, Bristol decided to show Worcester who this season belongs to.

With a final try by Wilson, followed by a Reed conversion, Bristol Ladies and their fans left the grounds sweating happily 29 to 19.

And Bristol Ladies Rugby were not the only Bristol team this weekend to leave on top.  In the National Premier League, Clifton Ladies Hockey club destroyed their opponents in an away match with Olton & West Warwicks. Clifton won 0-6 and will be hopeful for another strong win next weekend, this time on their own turf in Coombe Dingle on the 12th of October against Leicester.

Like Clifton, Westberries Hockey Club (in the Premier Division 2B) also made a good showing, winning on their home ground 6-3 against Isca 3.  Bristol women also demonstrated that we have what it takes in volleyball with Bristol 1 defeating Devon Storm 3-1 on Saturday.  And in basketball, Bristol Storm earned 20 points when Birmingham A’s forfeited the match.



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