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Bristol Bombers hold on to top of table – Women’s South West League, Tournament Report

Special lacrosse report provided to Sport Watch by Bristol Bombers Lacrosse.

South West Tournament: 2 – 3 November 2013.

Following an extremely wet and windy night the sun came out to greet the teams as they arrived at the stunning grounds of Westonbirt School. With nearly a full complement of SW league teams the day was set to be both busy and competitive.

This month’s tournament structure saw teams split into 2 equally weighted pools for the first round of matches. The results from these matches will determine seeding for the 2nd round of matches: Pool A would consist of the top 2 teams from both pools plus the highest scoring 3rd placed team and the remaining teams in Pool B.

The first round of matches saw previous tournament winners Bristol Bombers grouped with Birmingham, Aberystwyth, Cardiff Lacrosse Club and Cirencester. Birmingham had the most impressive start to their tournament campaign winning all 4 of their matches and conceding just a single goal.

Cirencester had a rocky first match losing to the on-form Birmingham team, but managed to bounce back from this defeat and go on to win all their remaining matches, beating Bristol 2-1 in the Bomber’s first game of the tournament. This score proved crucial for Bristol as their losses to Birmingham and Cirencester left them in a very precarious 3rd place going into the seeded pool matches.

Meanwhile, the newly formed ‘WM Lax’ were dominating their pool and managed to deny all opponents a single goal. Bournemouth was also keen to maintain their current league status and had an equally impressive first round of matches, looking formidable in both attack and defence.

Birmingham, Cirencester, WM Lax and Bournemouth all secured their place in the top pool with convincing displays of strength and talent. Bristol Bombers scraped into the last spot after their close game with Cirencester gave them an extra point to edge out the other 3rd placed Cardiff Harlequins. That left Cardiff Harlequins, Cardiff LC, Bath City, Bath Ladies and Aberystwyth in Pool B for the second round of matches.

Pool B saw some huge improvement for some teams that were the majority made of newbies. Unsurprisingly after narrowly missing out on a spot in the top group Cardiff Harlequins dominated the pool with a number of great wins, leaving them top of the pool and 6th overall. After loosing all of their first round matches Bath City bounced back and achieved 3 wins out of four matches and claimed 2nd position in the pool, 7th overall. Not too far behind Bath City were the Bath Ladies who had a couple of extremely close matches against Bath City and Cardiff Lacrosse but managed to secure 3rd in pool and 8th overall. Aberystwyth and Cardiff Lacrosse are two of the relatively inexperienced teams but have huge immense amounts of enthusiasm throughout the day. Cardiff had some close games, narrowly losing to Bath Ladies, Bath City and Aberystwyth but managed to edge out Aberystwyth for 9th place.

After such a successful morning the second round of matches saw Bournemouth struggle against some tough opponents, and despite a valiant effort they slipped to 5th place. Birmingham and Cirencester both fought exceptionally hard in some very close matches and credit to both sides for fantastic teamwork on the field. Their second round matches saw the strong Birmingham team and newcomers Cirencester finish 3rd and 4th respectively.

Bristol Bombers were slow off the mark at the beginning of the day but after only just making it through to the top group they had something to prove in the afternoon. They played with real determination and spirit, which saw them secure 2nd place. The exceptional talent of the WM lax team did not go un-noticed, and it was clear that this was the team to beat today. After successfully beating all opponents in their first round, WM lax continued their winning streak, defeating everyone in the top pool to claim the title of tournament champions.

Huge congratulations to all those who took part, another fantastic tournament in this year’s South West Women’s League!

Current league table as of 4/11/2013:

Pos. Club Tournament   Points Total
1 2
1 Bristol Bombers 10 7 17
2 Birmingham 6 6 12
=3 Bournemouth 7 3 10
=3 WM Lax 0 10 10
4 Bath Ladies 5 3 8
5 Aberystwyth 3 3 6
6 Cirencester 0 5 5
=7 Exeter LC 3 0 3
=7 Bath City LC 0 3 3
=7 Cardiff LC 0 3 3
=7 Cardiff Quinns 0 3 3
8 Falmouth 0 0 0


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