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A bold vision for sport in Bristol

We were really pleased to be invited to give evidence at the Mayor’s Sport Commission in Bristol yesterday afternoon. Our aim was to ensure women and girls have a continued presence on the sporting agenda for our city. We provided evidence on the specific benefits of sport, the unique barriers facing women and girls, as well as providing some recommendations for the future.

We felt the meeting went well and everyone present was receptive and supportive of our position. It was recognised that Bristol is well placed to host women’s international fixtures and other major sporting events, building on the success of our already successful local clubs. We have so many great athletes in Bristol and this gives us a good grounding to build upon.

Although they may not always be visible or recognised, our city is full of great women sporting role models – including national and international players in Ultimate Frisbee, football, rugby, and other sports. We’re also lucky enough to have Chrissie Wellington, MBE living locally (and we’ll be going to hear her speak at the Wills Memorial Building on Monday 25 November). We’re excited Bristol is taking sport seriously and are hopeful of the Sport Commission’s outcomes.

To read our full report presented to the Sport Commission, please follow the link: Submission-Sport-Commission-20-Nov-2013



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