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Clifton Ladies Hockey promoted to Premier Division – Maxinutrition Hockey 5s

The new year brings good news for Bristol hockey fans. Clifton Ladies 1s have been promoted to the Premier Division of the Women’s Maxinutrition Hockey 5s Championships for the 2014/2015 season after a stunning indoor performance in Nottingham.

The Ladies had a difficult start to the 2013/2014 Championships, losing their first match to University of Birmingham Women’s 1st on Saturday 4 January. That same day, however, they pulled up their socks (and picked up their sticks), going on to beat Chelmsford Ladies 1s with a very strong 7-1 win.

The first day of the Championships was the only loss for Clifton Ladies during the Maxinutrition Championships. On Sunday 5 January the team won their matches against both Sevenoaks Ladies 1s and Wakefield Ladies 1s.

Returning on Saturday 11 January the team faced Surbiton Ladies 1s where they drew 4 all. Later that day, Clifton Ladies again made 4 goals, but this time their opponents weren’t given any scoring opportunities. The match against Brookland Poyntons’ Ladies 1s finished 4 – 0 for Clifton.

Today was the final day for Clifton. The team had already proved they had the pace and the technique to play hard and play to win. But would they have the stamina to work their way to promotion?

The answer was yes! Clifton Ladies 1s defeated Buckingham Ladies 1s in the morning (5 – 1) and then went on to win again in the afternoon. The final match was against fellow Bristol team, Bristol Firebrands Ladies 1s where Clifton Ladies managed to finish with a 5 goal lead.

Bristol Firebrands Ladies 1s will stay in Divison 1 placing fifth in the table.

Indoor hockey 5-a-side is exciting and fast-paced. Clifton Ladies have done well to keep up. The team’s promotion to the Premier Division of the Maxinutrition Hockey 5s Championships is warmly congratulated.

We also look forward to the return of the Investec Women’s Hockey League with Clifton Ladies back in the game on 8 February 2014 at home. Clifton are currently sixth in the Premier Division.



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