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Weekend Sports Preview Bristol – 15th & 16th February

This Saturday we encourage you to cheer on Clifton Ladies – currently sixth in the Investec Women’s Hockey League – as they take on bottom of the table Olton & West Warwicks. Olton haven’t won a match yet this season and we’re hoping that Saturday won’t be any different.

Clifton have been performing well, winning their last match against University of Birmingham. Of course, you’ll have to be a bit hardy to show up at Coombe Dingle with our unrelenting weather. But perhaps this is even more reason to cheer on our seasoned players as they fight their way across the pitch.

For those of us who’d prefer to be indoors this weekend, Saturday has basketball on offer and on Sunday there are two volleyball matches for Bristol fans.

If you haven’t watched basketball before then we highly recommend you show up to Bristol Brunel Academy on Saturday to watch Bristol Storm take on Cardiff.

Basketball is an eye-catching and fast paced sport that you can’t turn away from – not even for a second. The game is always moving as the players dribble (bounce) the ball from one end of the court to the other – this is, if they can get past the offence.

When their way is blocked, players may pass the ball instead – hoping it won’t be interfered with on its way to the target. Points are scored by throwing the ball in the opposing team’s basket. A different number of points are scored depending on how far from the basket the player shoots from.

For the full rules, we suggest checking out: basics of basketball

If you’d prefer to show up on Sunday, then volleyball is on offer with City of Bristol volleyball playing two matches throughout the day. You can show up for a morning match at 11:30 or, if you prefer a lazy lie in, then you can watch the team again at 3:30.

Matches are played at Brislington Enterprise College on Hungerford Road.

City of Bristol Ladies are currently sixth in the National Volleyball League, Women’s Division 3 South. In the morning the Ladies will be playing the Sussex Dolphins and in the afternoon it’ll be a completely home-town match – City of Bristol Ladies v Bristol 2.

The two Bristol teams are currently neck-and-neck (or nearly – with Bristol 2 sitting fifth in the league and City of Bristol at sixth). It should be an exciting – and tense – match.

So lots of sport in Bristol this weekend – what will you be watching?


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