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Elsa Hammond, Bristol University student, sets off on Great Pacific Race

Elsa Hammond, rowing solo 2,400 miles across the Pacific ocean

Elsa Hammond, rowing solo 2,400 miles across the Pacific ocean

Today is the start of the Great Pacific Race. You might think it’s a bit over-hyped when you see it described as the ‘biggest baddest human endurance challenge on the planet’. But you’d be wrong. The race begins in Monterey, California and finishes 2,400 miles later in Hawaii. Yes, 2,400 miles across the Pacific ocean. And for Elsa Hammond, a student at the University of Bristol, that is 2,400 miles of rowing alone. Elsa is setting out to be the youngest and fastest female to complete the route solo. The current record holder completed the row in just 99 days. As if that wasn’t inspiring enough, Elsa is also using her journey to raise money for the environment and equality. She is fundraising for The Great Initiative, Global Ocean, and Plastics Ocean Foundation. The latter of these charities will be at the forefront of Elsa’s mind when she rows past the infamous “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” where it seems too much of our plastic is ending up. Okay, so now we know of many reasons for Elsa to be Number One on our list of most inspiring women ever. But there is another reason… Elsa’s fundraising campaign centres around dedicating each mile of her race to another inspirational woman. So not only is Elsa amazing, but she’s also modest. She recognises that there are all kinds of inspirational woman and she wants us to celebrate a few – well, 2,400 – of them as we help Elsa along her journey. I can’t think of a better way to raise money for an inspiring woman than by dedicating other inspiring women to the cause. Hopefully having the names of 2,400 amazing ladies on her boat will help Elsa keep rowing… and keep rowing… and keep rowing… and…  for about a million strokes. If you haven’t already – please do support Elsa in her race and at the same time, dedicate a mile to someone who inspires you. To hear more from Elsa, watch her TedX talk. To donate, please visit: http://www.elsahammond.com/dedicate/


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