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Tennis League match at Bristol Central Tennis Club 13th June 2014

CTennis 2entral’s division 1 team triumphed over Clifton in the beautiful sunshine on Friday, winning three out of four matches. On court 1 and 2 Central demonstrated powerful serves, solid groundstrokes and aggressive netplay, resulting in some spectacular points. Clifton held their own with strong cross-court rallies and well placed lobs. The volley exchanges came thick and fast, showcasing some brilliant poaches as well as quick footwork from both teams.

Division 4 teams were also battling it out on court 3 and 4, with Central securing victory over David Lloyds Westbury. Again, the standard of play was very high, with some breath-taking rallies involving volleys, sharp angles, smashes and drop shots.

The dynamism really made me want to get involved, I want to play too! Saying that, I was very happy perched in the clubhouse chatting to friendly Tennis 1members (thanks to Carol for the free beer!), and looking out on the sunlit courts. A lovely way to spend my Friday evening!

It was also great to meet Hetty (playing for Clifton), who writes for University of Bristol’s Epigram paper covering the importance of representing women’s sports. All of Central’s members were extremely welcoming and friendly, and it was good to see so many coaches (and a coach in training) participating, perhaps more potential members for the Bristol Women’s coaching network!

If Tennis 3you want to get involved or have a go at tennis, Bristol Central Tennis Club is hosting a club open day on Sunday the 29th of June where you can play for FREE as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend. See you there!


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