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Clare Balding calls on us to #beagamechanger via The Women's Sports Trust

Clare Balding calls on us to #beagamechanger

By Nicola Waterworth

A big part of the inspiration behind creating this blog and fixtures calendar for local women’s sport was the call of the Women’s Sports Trust to just ‘show up’ to women’s sport. It’s the idea that those of us interested in women’s sport could start to make a positive change in the landscape for women’s sport with our own actions. Not that this is the only thing that needs to change but we can, through our actions, put pressure on the media and sponsors to create a more level playing field for our women athletes.

We are really excited to see that the Women’s Sports Trust have not been resting on their laurels and have taken this message – they have titled this #beagamechanger – directly to some of the most influential corporates and media types. They have set out a challenge to start doing things differently for women’s sport.

And they have recruited the fabulous Clare Balding to their cause, a woman who herself has trailblazed for women in sports commentating. Clare writes much more eloquently about the event here.

We hope between us and Clare you are feeling motivated to #beagamechanger for women’s sport in Bristol!


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