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Netball: England Beat South Africa 41-35

After England’s narrow defeat against Australia yesterday, they faced a tough match against South Africa. While on paper it should have been a clear cut victory from England, the ensuing match was incredibly close with South Africa putting up an extremely solid defense which England struggled to infiltrate.

The first two quarters were slow-scoring with both teams finishing with no more than a couple of goals apart, leaving the score to be settled in the third and fourth quarter. A fantastic performance from Team Bath’s Serena Guthrie (WD/C) and Rachel Dunn (GA) ensured some security, and allowed England to take the lead in the third quarter.

After half-time there was a massive shake-up, with only two out of the seven English players remaining in their original positions. England quickly recovered themselves and started playing more consistently, and to the high standard that fans were expecting, ready to fight the final quarter with a nine goal lead.

Jo Harten (GS) composed herself to score a touch more consistently than yesterday in the match against Australia where England lost by only one goal. Geva Mentor (GK) had an amazing game putting heavy pressure on South Africa’s shooters and making interceptions that set up England goals.

Overall it was a fantastic game to watch, and good luck to England – this is the golden year!

Final score: England 41, South Africa 35.



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