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Motorsports Test Trial

10488099_10152116381181895_7962559086320949352_nI was marshalling at a motorcycle and car event a few Sundays ago at Keinton Mandeville, a village between Somerton and Castle Cary, and was glad to see quite a few women taking part in the ‘testing trial’ . This was organised by The Motor Cycle Club and  involved riding solo m/cs or motorbikes with sidecars around a course or ‘section’ staged in a field outside the village and marked by traffic cones and where the competitors are timed. If competitors go off-course or put a foot down they are disadvantaged with extra time penalties.

The course is attempted twice in the morning then the sections are altered and another two attempts are made by competitors in the afternoon. The winners are those who complete the entire twelve sections in the shortest time.  It was a great day out, everyone was enjoying this light-hearted event in the sunny and hot south-west Somerset countryside.

I spoke to one young woman, Sarah Holden after the event and she gave me a brief history of how she became involved.

10523341_10152116381186895_5055916296198699802_n“My Dad has always been a keen motorcyclist, so I’ve been bought up with motorbikes since I was tiny. I’ve gone from playing at riding them as a child, to pillion when I was a teenager, then getting my first moped as soon as I could at 16. By 17 I had a proper motorbike, and at 18 passed my full bike test. I’ve been competing in motorsport for about 5 years now and absolutely love it! The Motorcycle Club that I’m part of organises fantastic events every year. I love riding off road and trialling as it requires quite a bit of skill and technique – it’s really satisfying when you’ve been practising a while to manage tough tracks that you couldn’t complete before. I hope to still be riding bikes for as long as I possibly can and would recommend it to anyone!”

By Jacqui Furneaux

For more information on The Motor Cycling Club visit: http://www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk/


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