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Cheer on our Bristol athletes – open top bus tour on 28 August

Jazmin-Sawyers-2014July and August have been bumper months for women and sport – culminating in Bristol tomorrow with the Open Top Bus Tour to celebrate local Commonwealth Games medalists and our England women Rugby World Cup Champions.

And here’s who we’ll be cheering for on tomorrow’s bus:

  • Claudia Fragapane – winning 4 gold medals in Glasgow, this 16 year old Bristolian is the only female British gymnast to have ever performed a double straight back somersault with a full twist. She is also the first woman in 84 years to win four gold-medals at the Commonwealth Games. Claudia has been training in Bristol since she was six years old. Ten years later and look where she is now!
  • Jazmin Sawyers  – leaping to silver at this summer’s Commonwealth Games, Jazmin knows how to long jump. But that’s not all she knows how to do. Originally from Trentham, Jazmin is now studying law at the University of Bristol. Oh and starting a music career. Uh and we forgot to mention that she’s also a 2012 Winter Youth Olympic bobsleigh silver medalist. Role model?!?! Yes!
  • Amber Reed, Sophie Hemming, Kay Wilson & Danielle Waterman – all Bristol Ladies Rugby players and, now, world champions after winning the women’s Rugby World Cup this summer. What a great way to welcome the women home and show your support ahead of the season – Bristol Ladies Rugby pre-season tournament is on Sunday 31 August at Portway (BS9  2HS).

Tomorrow’s bus will also be celebrating fellow athletes David Luckman, Judokan Gary Hall, and Paul  Brown — all XX Commonwealth Games medalists.

The route will begin at Bristol Hawks Gymnastics club on Roman Road, Easton, where Claudia first began her gymnastics training.

The bus will depart at 6pm,  heading first to Old Market Roundabout, then down towards Lower Castle Street and along Wine Street. The bus will then pass through the city centre via the High Street, Baldwin Street, and Colston Avenue before finishing at College Green at around 6:30pm.

Come out and show your support!



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