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Smith scores hat-trick to beat Bristol Academy WFC

Arsenal Ladies FC were rescued by Kelly Smith, who scored a hat-trick against the formidable Bristol Academy side, securing Arsenal’s 4-3 win at the Stoke Gifford stadium.

Bristol Academy started the match strongly, with Jasmine Matthews scoring easily in the first 2 minutes of play. Bristol then secured their lead with a second goal just before half-time, as Nikki Watts cooly converted a penalty due to a foul on Natalia Sanchon.

By half-time it was clear that Bristol were dominating the match, with Arsenal simply being out-played.

However, at the start of the second half Kelly Smith – England’s record goal scorer – turned the tide, scoring a thrilling hat-trick in just under 16 minutes.

Bristol fought back bravely, with Natalia Sanchon scoring in the 72nd minute, but in the end Arsenal were just too strong, winning the match 4-3.

The Vixens are currently number 6 in the league, and are providing a fantastic and inspiring experience for spectators and football fans. Their next home game is on Sunday 28th September at 2pm, at the Stoke Gifford stadium, tickets are £5.

If you would like to read more about the Bristol Academy players, and their experience of balancing semi-professional football careers and work, read Debi Withers’ excellent article here.



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