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Netball Match Report: Team Bath Toucans v The Downs, Sunday 5 October 2014

The Downs netball team from Surrey gained a decisive win against the Team Bath Toucans on Sunday, winning their match 44-63.

Team Bath Toucans netball 2Play commenced at Bath University’s impressive Sports Training Village, with both teams seeking to move up the ranks in the Premier League 1 table.

The two teams seemed equally matched in the first quarter, with The Downs only managing to gain a small margin of 3 goals, leading 11-14 at the break.

While the Toucans leveled the score at 15-15 in the second quarter, The Downs’ quick conversions and deep lobs, combined with a few unfortunate errors from their opposition left them with a more solid lead of 20-28 at half time.

The Toucans came back onto the court fighting, but The Downs were now looking to be the superior force in play. They continued to utilise their strategy of throwing long, giving the Toucans few chances to intercept. This combined with their GS’s consistent scoring made them a tough side to beat.

netball toucans v the downsBy the time the final quarter was underway the Toucans were now behind by 44-63. Whilst the Toucans displayed some fantastic quick passes back and forth between the Toucan’s C and GS which set them up for more scoring opportunities, in the end their efforts weren’t enough to beat The Downs, who scored an impressive 20 goals in the final quarter.

At the final whistle the score came to 44-63, giving The Downs a safe place in the middle of the league table, with the Toucans missing out on their chance to clinch a first win for the board.

The Toucan’s next home game is on the 26th October at 11.30am at the Sports Training Village, where they will compete against Oaksway.




One thought on “Netball Match Report: Team Bath Toucans v The Downs, Sunday 5 October 2014

  1. När man skrittar fÃ¥ man inte röra han i munnen utan att han blir tokig, inte konstigt att han inte vill stanna när alla andra 4 ponnyer foe¤sÃtttrr vidare `?Men sen när man galloperar sÃ¥ fÃ¥r jag inte stopp sÃ¥ snälla du kan la komma och visa mig hur man gör pÃ¥ ett vanligt 3-delat ? du vet fan inte ett skit om hur min ponny är pÃ¥ uteritter

    Posted by Jacklyn | 16 May 2017, 01:00

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