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New Year Resolutions – SportWatch Style!

Clearly the more organised amongst you will have already made your resolutions. But for those of you who spent most of New Years Day lounging on the sofa (a noble enterprise) or you have space for an additional one or two – here’s some thoughts from us, equally applicable to women and men, the more the merrier:

  1. Remind yourself why doing sport, at any level is great and get out and do some!

We did a handy blog about this back in the summer to help you out, ‘5 reasons why sport is not a scary word’ and you may want to check out some of our musings on the importance of Mindset, back when we helped Launch the Women’s Coaching Network.

  1. Show Up and watch some women’s sport!

Clearly a firm favourite of ours – be inspired, inspire others and generally have a good time.  So much to choose from, that is why we have the calendar after all.  January brings you Cyclo-cross, football and netball.

  1. Follow a women’s sport journalist and share what you learn!

There are some great journalists out there covering women’s sport nationally, locally and doing sports specialist stuff.  Let them do the hard work and make 2015 the year you become the oracle to all your friends and family  about the women’s sport of your choice.  Many to choose from, including Scrumqueens, great offerings on BT Sport, and if cycling is your thing, we are clearly big fans of local journalist @_pigeons_ over at prowomenscycling.

  1. Speak up – make 2015 the year to be vocal about women’s sport!

Be it at work, in the pub or at the school gates find an opportunity to fly the flag for women’s sport, tell people why it is great and what they can do to help put it on a level playing field with men’s sport.

  1. Become a SportWatch contributorjoin us and help us be even more vocal!

Spreading the word about women’s sport in Bristol is really worthwhile and lots of fun!  You don’t need to be an experienced sports journalist, or as we have demonstrated on a number of occasions that knowledgable about the rules!  Passion, excitement and to want to tell a great story go a long way.  So if you’re interested contact us at: sportwatchbristol@gmail.com



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