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WANTED: Female Sporting Role Models

Role models are essential in all walks of life…… they inspire, present choices and show us the art of the possible.  In this, sport is no different.  But unfortunately for girls and women we continue to have limited visibility of women sporting role models in the mainstream media -women’s sport still only accounts for 7% of the total sports coverage in the media.  And it’s not like we haven’t noticed, Women in Sport reported that 43% of teenage girls think there are not enough visible female sporting role models.

Not that female sporting role models have to be of the elite athlete variety – a sporting role model is whomever gets you interested in, taking part in, having fun with and generally reaping the many benefits that sport and physical activity can bring to your life.  Here at Sport Watch we are on a New Year Mission to tell the stories and present to you as many local sporting role models as we can – competing and inspiring at all levels, sports and walks of life!

Want to get involved in inspiring women?

  • If you are a local athlete, at any level, tell us about your story by answering our 5 sporting role model questions (see below)
  • Tell your role model (be that a friend, relative, coach or international athlete) that they have inspired you – give them a big thumbs up and a big thank-you!
  • Ask your role model to answer our 5 sporting role model questions

We are always open to hearing the fabulous stories of women sporting role models, but right now we are on a Mission – so please help us publish as many stories as we can in the lead up to International Women’s Day on 8th March and inspire more girls and women.

The questions we would like Bristol & Bath female sporting role models to answer are:

  1. What was your first experience of sport? How did that develop to where you are now?
  2. Who were your sporting role models as a child? How about now?
  3. Was there ever a time when you almost gave up and, if so, what made you keep going?
  4. How would you motivate someone to get active and engaged in sport?
  5. How important are sports fans and audience to you as a sportsperson and your sport?

Please email your response to: sportwatchbristol@gmail.com and we would love to have a photo to publish too!!

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